September 4, Tuesday

Ludington to Grand Haven

Sand Dunes at Little Sable Point

Little Sable Light

Very hazy today.  We jumped ahead as poor seas predicted.

Weather cleared up, but seas stayed calm, much more calm than usual for Lake Michigan.  The horizon looking west reminded us of an infinity pool!

This boat came flying by us, and the boat is 3 times as large.

Below: Entrance to Grand Haven

Grand River is industrial, goes all the way to Grand Rapids, is the longest river in the state.

Grand Haven Beach on Lake Michigan

September 5-12

To Virginia Beach for some heat, humidity, and salt water....

September 12-14

Grand Haven

September 15, Saturday

Grand Haven to South Haven

One September going into storage facility for routine service.

Grand Haven is very quaint and nice.

This dog

art is everywhere in Grand Haven!

To right is the old train station, now a museum.  To left is a store that sells among other things, peanuts from...Suffolk, Virginia!

Grand Haven is known for its musical fountains, which were the largest in the world for many years.

Quite chilly this morning at 47 degrees, but that did not stop the fishermen!  The clump on the upper left of the screen is a sailboat race.

Entering South Haven

Photos of the South Haven harbor.

One September

Loud in two ways: engine noise and color!

Farmers’ Market - one of the best.

South Haven is really pretty and bustling; this is one area of shopping.

We have heard that the Looper Locator will be discontinued next year, so click on it while you can: